As a full-service graphic design bureau Imagine Design (ID) produces means of communication for various sectors like the corporate services, music and event industry and food service industry. For larger projects ID collaborates with a steady partnernetwork, professionals who pursue the same creativity, passion and quality. Because of our diversity and expertise on various levels we are able to offer our customers everything they need for their promotion purposes. Imagine Design produces:

Graphic Design Logo’s, corporate identity, folders, advertisements, car stickering.
Your corporate identity is the face of your company, your image. By means of inventing new con-
cepts or restyling existing corporate identities your company is able to present itself in a more professional and contemporary way to the target audience. I can also provide for your advertise-
ments, brochures, folders or flyers with implementation of your corporate identity and the accessory look and feel.

Digital Artwork Flyers, posters, banners, canvas, photo manipulations.
You can contact Imagine Design for concept and creation of your flyers, posters and banners for advertising campaigns. ID aims for an optimal result with each project, products that distinguish themselves by quality, a refined typography and creative solutions. ID will provide a suiting and striking image communication with an eye for detail. Sometimes it can be loud and colorful, then minimal and sober, other times retro or grunge. Depending on the kind of job.

Online Content Webdesign, logo animation, website banners, animation, 2d-3d visuals.
The design and experience of your website together with the structure are of great influence on
the visitors kindness. Imagine Design is able to develop clear and foremost well communicating websites. On realising websites I collaborate with experienced internet partners. We make unique designs that suit all the needs and desires of our customers. ID also produces logo animations, websitebanners and 2d-3d visuals for the web.


1Concept | After our introduction we will take the brief, I will make you an offer and I schedule the project. I will do some research and come up with a concept moodboard.
Then there’s a feedback to the customer to fine tune the principles.

2Development | Then the designphase takes place, meanwhile you will be kept informed and I will consult with you about the progress of the project. Feedback will be taken into account. Then the presentation follows.

3Completion | After the presentation there’s a correction round, then the final layout will be made. After your approval the project will be completed. You will receive the usable files after the (proof of) payment is received.